Applications Within ClientCall eCenter

ClientCall eCenter is a suite of applications that may include:

Electronic Payment System (EPS)
Critical e-commerce solutions are also possible with Sonant's products. Electronic Payment Server helps increase your organization's revenues by accepting credit card and e-check payments over the phone or Web. With EPS, you can easily track credit card transactions in real time, eliminate duplicate payments, and print transaction and settlement reports for any time period. EPS accepts multiple credit cards, supports multiple merchant accounts and multiple terminals.

TaxTalk IVR
TaxTalk is the automation solution for small to large tax collection agencies. Watch your tax collection revenues increase as callers discover the advantages of self-paying property taxes using credit cards with one phone or Web transaction!

CourtTalk IVR/IWR
The leading automation solution for state and local courts, CourtTalk solves the ongoing problems faced by court managers today such as improving citizens' immediate service and attention, while reducing office costs.

CourtTalk for Jury Services
CourtTalk for Jury Services lets Jury Offices automate the scheduling, reporting, and tracking of jurors, freeing office staff from many routine tasks. Jurors can access the system to confirm or re-schedule appearances, get the most up-to-date juror instructions, and check past jury duty history.

SAM for Sales
SAM, Sonant's automated Service Agent Manager, can double your product support staff productivity, increase revenues by automating online payment functions, and reduce labor costs by not hiring additional product support reps - especially at peak or seasonal times.

SAM for Support
SAM serves as the bridge between your existing phone switch/Web site and your current help desk software application. SAM automates most of the routine tasks your agents are now handling, freeing them to spend time on more critical issues.