Sonant Overview

Sonant Corporation provides customized phone-and Web-based contact automation and management, customer/citizen service, and electronic payment systems to a wide range of commercial and government organizations. It has been doing so for more than 20 years.

Sonant offers many affordable, all-in-one customer management, automated messaging, and e-payment solutions that easily integrate with your organizationís existing phone and data networks. The products offer cost-effective integration of the current voice- and data-processing technologies, including Web and automatic speech recognition.

Our Mission
To provide technologically advanced contact automation systems that enable commercial and government agencies to cost-effectively maximize both the quality of interactive contact with their customers and the productivity of their employees.

Sonant's systems are used by a wide variety of business and government organizations that require improved customer/citizen management solutions, including speech recognition, automated e-payment, and full self-processing capabilities. Sonant addresses these needs by offering customized, mission-critical solutions that incorporate the most cost-effective integration of call and data processing technologies available today. Relying on its extensive experience interfacing to a variety of data processing systems, Sonant develops new applications to your specific demands. Sonant also offers turnkey solutions pre-packaged for specific markets. These include CourtTalk and TaxTalk products for courts, jury offices, and tax/revenue collectors.

Sonant's ClientCall eCenter product family meets or exceeds demanding market requirements in the following areas:
Ability to act as a peer in data processing client/server architectures
Open system platform
Multiple applications per system
Scalable capacity
Connection to existing telephone and data networks