ClientCall™ is a Windows Server based Open Platform computer telephony software solution developed and enhanced by Sonant engineers for over a decade. The result is a system that allows for integration and compatibility with virtually all telephone, host and data systems. Much of Sonant's expertise is derived from years of experience in integrating Sonant products with the back-office operations of government and corporate organizations using other vendor equipment such as that shown below.

Telephone Switch
The ClientCall system is designed to work with any telephone system or PBX. Unlike other IVR systems, it achieves full Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) without using proprietary PBX integration links or expensive CTI servers.

Host Platform and Databases
ClientCall systems have successfully integrated with hundreds of host platforms ranging from PCs to servers to mainframes. Typically, the ClientCall system connects directly to host databases using an ODBC or database-specific client. Web service interfaces are easily supported. ClientCall also supports other interfaces including terminal emulation, file transfer, and custom protocols.