A Solution for Every Need

The ClientCall eCenter platform which encompasses Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Interactive Web Response (IWR), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), and Electronic Payment Server (EPS) technologies is designed utilizing a modular approach such that any one or all of its capabilities may be utilized by a given application.

The ClientCall eCenter's architecture provides the most highly integrated set of contact center capabilities available on the market today, yet provides an open, non-proprietary environment for the incorporation of multiple voice response, telephony, Internet, and E-Commerce applications. With ClientCall, organizations can take advantage of the wide range of IVR, Telephony, Internet, and Fax technologies currently available for PC platforms. ClientCall incorporates Windows Server as the platform operating system and Dialogic voice processing components for all call transactions and telephony applications.

Sonant ClientCall eCenter

ClientCall systems are provided as total turnkey, on-site solutions or as Hosted Service solutions based on a fee per transaction. Sonant's customers can choose the solution that best suits their business processes and requirements. The ClientCall product line includes the following technologies and functional modules:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
  • Computer Telephony / Screen Popping (CTI)
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Call Monitoring/Coaching/Conferencing
  • Call Recording
  • Interactive Web Response (IWR)
  • Electronic Bill Presentment and Bill Payments
  • On line Credit Card, eCheck and ACH processing
  • Automated Outbound Dialing
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Fax on Demand
  • Outbound Notifications (Voice, Text, eMail)

ClientCall eCenter™

With its advanced features, flexibility, and ease of use, ClientCall eCenter is the ideal low-cost solution for sophisticated startup or expanding contact centers.

ClientCall eCenter brings large contact center automation to small contact centers with the following benefits:

  • Boosts agent productivity
  • Improves customer service
  • Brings large contact center features to small contact centers at lower cost
  • Provides flexible contact automation including electronic payment options
  • Exclusive InfoLock feature ensures seamless IVR/ACD integration. Calls can now go back and forth between IVR and agents without loss of caller information
  • Reduces telecommunications costs
  • Easily integrates with Microsoft Windows applications
  • Operates with or without a PBX
  • Simplifies agent management
  • Highly configurable
  • Open programming interfaces


The ClientCall™ family of products and services are designed specifically for government and corporate organizations to maximize efficient service to their customers and improve the productivity of their employees. As customized solutions, each system is developed to meet the particular needs of each Sonant customer.

Below are some of the more popular IVR/IWR Contact Center applications that Sonant can provide.

Account Balance Inquiry Debt Collection Insurance Inquiry
Animal Care & Control Remote Monitoring Services Jury Services
Auto-attendant Election/Survey Automation Electronic Payment
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Electronic Check Parking Citation Payment
Automated Outbound Calling Employee Benefits Parks & Recreation
Automated Faxback Help Desk Automation Staff Locator
Building Permits Hospital Staff Paging Tax Collection
Child Support Services Human Resources Time Card Data Entry
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Informational Audiotext Traffic Citation Payment

Hosted & Premise-based Systems

Sonant offers a comprehensive suite of hosted and premise-based software that allows your customers to retrieve and process their personal records online or by phone. Click the icon below each item to read a product brochure.

Sonant Hosted Services (SHS)

brochure Sonant Hosted Services, new from Sonant Corporation, offers organizations that wish to improve their customer/citizen relationship management a less expensive and more timely way to build and automate contact centers than ever before.

ClientCall eCenter™

brochure Sonant’s ClientCall eCenter™ is a software product that adds full contact center features to any of Sonant’s hosted or premise-based interactive voice applications. Its Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) capabilities enable any organization to offer superior service to its telephone customers.

TaxTalk™ IVR

brochure TaxTalk is the hosted or premise-based automation solution for small to large tax collection agencies. Watch your tax collection revenues increase as callers discover the advantages of self-paying property taxes using credit cards with one phone or Web transaction.

CourtTalk™ for Traffic

brochure The leading hosted or premise-based automation solution for state and local courts, CourtTalk solves the ongoing problems faced by court managers today such as improving citizen's immediate service and attention, while reducing office costs.

CourtTalk™ for Juror Services

brochure CourtTalk™ for Juror Services lets jury offices automate the scheduling, reporting, and tracking of jurors, freeing office staff from many routine tasks. Jurors can access the system to confirm or re-schedule appearances, get up-to-date juror instructions, and check past jury duty history.

CourtConcierge™ for Courts

brochure CourtConcierge™ is a cloud-based solution for managing, scheduling and notifying groups for jury and other court appearances. CourtConcierge™ ensures court attendees are in the right place at the right time, thereby reducing court costs and hearing delays.